Saturday, March 21, 2009


Kuala Rompin - is one of the few sailfish capitals of the world and a place where hooking a sailfish is a sure thing, especially during the peak season from July to the arrival of the monsoon

Fishing Vessel, 32ft lenght powered by single outboard 250hp, equiped with GPS navigator, Fish finder, make it easy to spot a fish. the vessel also has a ice storage and live bait well.

The Strike rate is unbelievable high!!

Fishing to us is not about catching the biggest fish (well maybe…) but the community of which you join, the tranquilness, the feeling of adrenalin when a fish is on the end of the line….. Well no one person can explain the reasons for going fishing but Hey - it is what we do.

For enquiry or booking please contact +6012 255 4417 - Pa'an

This is the ultimate destination to fulfill your dream of landing a sailfish many times over

we takes you right into the heart of the action!


  1. Wooo, bergaya korang ngan layaran tuh erk...

  2. Salam Bro..salam perkenalan..teman ni nak cari lesen layaran nie..ada cadangan tak bila dan masa yang sesuai

  3. ishhh betul ke ikan tu size mcm tu???